Beetroot and Chocolate Flourless Cake Recipe


Cakes are perhaps the most loved desserts ever and who doesn’t like the creamy and crumbly texture and taste of a beautifully baked cake? Beetroot and Chocolate Flourless Cake is the gluten-free and dairy-free version of a classic chocolate cake which is equal parts delicious and nutritious as well. This dessert recipe will not only satisfy your cravings for something rich and sweet, but also help you in your intake of many essential nutrients. Very easy-to-make, this cake recipe is prepared with basic ingredients from the pantry like shredded coconut, grated beetroots, coconut powder, cacao, almond meal, vanilla, black dates, baking powder, and brown eggs for a sumptuous dessert. It’s something which would be enjoyed by the kids and adults alike. What plain nut flour or grain flour lacks in is the earthiness and depth of beetroots, which is definitely the most unique and wonderful ingredient in this recipe. Beetroots have a range of health benefits too. They are not only low in calorie but high in valuable vitamins and minerals. Beetroots are known to improve the blood flow to the frontal lobe of the brain which is associated with decision making and working memory. This wonderful element would also help you get the necessary dose of fiber, which may also help in promoting weight loss and reducing overall calorie intake. Then, there is the greatness of chocolate flavour which makes this recipe suitable to make for birthday parties, festivals, anniversaries, and potlucks. It is bound to impress everyone. So, do try out this recipe next time you want to make a quick cake and enjoy it with your loved ones. (Recipe: Chef Ishita Konar, Atmantan)


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